Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing now offers eBooks in five Indian languages, the e-commerce giant announced on Tuesday. Kindle Direct Publishing, i.e. KDP is a free service that enables writers to get quick market, keep control of their books’ rights, and set their own costs, while gaining an eminence of up to 70 percent on the sale of their eBooks.

Director of Kindle Content in India, Sanjeev Jha said in a statement that, “We launched Indian language eBooks in 2016 and with the addition of more languages to KDP we will offer readers a wider selection of titles.”

With the five Indian languages, authors would have the capacity to independently publish their eBooks in Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, and Malayalam, the company said in an announcement.

Amazon has likewise added Indian languages to Kindle Unlimited, the membership benefit that enables users to peruse from more than one million Kindle eBooks, with plans starting from Rs. 150 monthly. The service has been accessible for English authors in India since 2012. Kindle Direct Publishing was propelled by Amazon in November 2007.

“We are excited to bring the work of Indian language authors to millions of readers in India and across the world,” Jha further added in the statement.




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