Flipkart partners Google Zoo providing customers Hagglebot to bargain during Big Billion Days sale. The partnership will give a Flipkart Hagglebot on Google Assistant that will give customers a chance to negotiate for various items listed on the online commercial center specifically with the help their voice.

The Bengaluru-based e-commerce company will launch two new items consistently amid the deal, and at the end of every day, a ‘Boss’ will be delegated, in light of their negotiation abilities and how great a deal they drive.

Head of Brand Marketing at Flipkart, Kartikeya Bhandari said in a joint press statement that, “Bargaining is a deep-rooted part of our culture and we have now integrated that with the convenience of online shopping. We hope our customers will have a great time with this unique, rich and immersive experience.”

Once the Boss will be chosen, the deal they secure on every item will then turn into the cost of that item for everybody in the nation, while the champ will get the item for nothing. Additionally, Flipkart has said that deals of limited edition would be accessible solely through the Hagglebot’s artificial intelligence (AI) based platform. The Hagglebot will notably work on all devices supporting Google Assistant, including the Jio Phone, Android and iOS devices, and additionally Google Home.

Creative Director of Zoo, Google APAC, Gene Brutty said, “We worked very closely with Flipkart to develop an immersive voice-based experience that dives people into a haggling scenario as if they were at their local market. We hope Flipkart customers and users will love this next-generation voice experience.”


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