The Department of Justice declared on Sunday that it has filed litigation against California to obstruct its current net neutrality law just hours succeeding to the signing of Governor Jerry Brown. The litigation was initially announced by Washington post.  Senior Justice Department officials elucidated to the newspapers that it is filing a litigation as only federal governments can control net neutrality and that Federal Communications Commissions had been bestowed with that power by Congress to safeguard states don’t write divergent legislation.

In its declaration Justice Department expressed that by inscribing California’s Senate Bill 822 into law; the state is trying to destabilize the Federal Government’s liberalism approach by inflicting oppressive state directives on the free internet which is illegal and anti-customer.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that under the constitution states do not control interstate commerce, the federal government does. Once again the California legislature has approved a paramount and illegitimate state law trying to thwart federal policy. The Justice Department should have avoided disbursing precious time and resources to file this lawsuit but they possess a duty to safeguard the privilege of the federal government and safeguard the constitutional order.

This is the most recent of varied legitimate confrontation between the Trump administration and California, the most massive blue state.

Under Attorney General Sessions, the Justice Department has already filed distinct lawsuits against California atop the immigrant sanctuary laws, and a law that may attempt to halt the trump administration from trading or relaying federal land to private corporations.


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