Is it possible to treat cancer using aspirin? Many studies are investigating the benefits of combining aspirin with conventional cancer treatment. Now, a new survey scrutinizes this available research and explores its branches.

The research, published in the journal PLOS One, was conducted by Peter Elwood, of the Cochrane Institute of Primary Care and Public Health at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom.

Elwood noted that many studies have shown the benefits of using aspirin as a preventive in stroke, cancer, and heart disease but in addition to this, the evidence is pointing that the drug can be used as an additional treatment for cancer. Referring to this, Elwood and team set out a review to study the benefits of using aspirin in the treatment of cancer.

The title of their paper is: “Systematic review update of observational studies further supports aspirin role in cancer treatment: time to share evidence and decision-making with patients?”

For the investigation, the researchers looked at 71 studies which included 120,000 people who had been diagnosed with cancer and added aspirin in their treatment.

The results of their observation found that the probability of surviving a cancer diagnosis were higher by 20–30 percent among people who took aspirin compared to those who didn’t. ‘

“Evidence from further studies is urgently required, and patients should be strongly encouraged to participate in appropriate research studies,” explains the study’s lead author.

“Patients with cancer should be given the evidence now available and be helped to make their own judgment of the balance between the risks and the benefits of daily low dose,” Peter Elwood suggests.



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