Sunlight exposure can help reduce postpartum depression, according to a recent study. This is consistent with what is thought about the connection between exposure to natural light and depression among adults in the all-inclusive population. The study proposes that in danger ladies should build their exposure to natural light and vitamin D.

Notwithstanding lower exposure to natural light has been related with depression among grown-ups in the all-inclusive population, there isn’t yet an agreement about whether light exposure or seasonality impacts the development of depression amid and after pregnancy.

For the study, scientists investigated available data from 293 ladies who took an interest in one of two randomized controlled clinical trials about sleep before and after pregnancy. The participants were all first-time moms from the US territory of California. Information incorporated the amount of day light amid the last trimester of their pregnancy, alongside data about known risk factors like a history of depression, the woman’s age, her socioeconomic status and the amount she slept.

The findings of the study have been published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine, of which the lead author is Deepika Goyal. “Among first-time mothers, the length of day in the third trimester, specifically day lengths that are shortening compared to day lengths that are short, long or lengthening, were associated with concurrent depressive symptom severity,” Goyal said.


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